Canvas is the Learning Management System that the University has chosen as a replacement for Angel. Check out the following resources to preview Canvas courses, attend online training sessions, or view online resources and training modules. To request a Canvas sandbox space or to access the Canvas platform, please visit



Apr 06, 2017

Did you know you can sort students' names in the Canvas gradebook (and exported files) by last name, comma, first name? And in only a few steps.

  1. Go into your course in Canvas, click...
Mar 15, 2017

We realize some faculty will only use Canvas to communicate with their students. If you'd like to use Canvas just to email students, here are instructions for you.

1. First things first,...

Jan 09, 2017

Q1. What should I do if I can't log on to Canvas? How...

Jan 03, 2017

IMPORTANT: If you wish to merge courses in Canvas, we recommend you read the...

Dec 16, 2016

Trying to submit final grades to LionPath? We found these tuorials more helpful than preivous handouts. Click on Try It on the upper left corner after the tutorial is...

Nov 09, 2016

VoiceThread can be integrated directly in your course in Canvas. There are only 4 steps to setting it up.

  1. Add VoiceThread to your course
  2. Set up your VoiceThread link
  3. ...
Oct 13, 2016

Did you have lots of ANGEL assessment questions that contain images, and wonder if they transfer well to Canvas? Well, simply exporting your content from ANGEL and importing it into Canvas won’t...

Aug 30, 2016

In Canvas, course material are placed in Modules, and Modules allow you to organize content and control the flow of the course. You can organize course content by topic, by week, or by...,
Aug 30, 2016

So, how many students do I have in the class?

The easiest way is to click on course ...

Aug 29, 2016

In addition to the instructor guide on How do I Take Roll...